Beautiful days await you in Arian Garden City, where the skies are blue and the green scenery can take your breath away.
Located within close driving distance from Karaj and Tehran. This attractive complex possesses beautiful green gardens where you can enjoy the invigorating blend of serenity and adventure, along with a stunning lake in the heart of the complex.
Built for purpose the complex possesses football pitches, basketball and tennis courts. Elegant restaurants and state of the art coffee shop located by the lake ensures that our customers will have plenty of activities to take part in throughout the day, ultimately you and your family will have the time of your lives.
The president of the company Mr Majid Mohammadian with 40 years of experience in the field of construction and business, assures customers a worthy investment.
Despite the fact that Inflation increases property and land prices, the prices in this stunning complex tends to increase more rapidly as many beneficial activities such as further improvements and developments are being carried out such as telephone connection lines, water pipelining, gas and electricity. Apart from having all the required amenities this stunning complex possess all the legal rights.
Recent surveys on current investors of the complex confirmed that in general people have been extremely satisfied with the design of the complex and the level of management.